Why it Beats Every Other Resell Package to a Bloody Pulp:
  • Absolutely HUGE48 141+ GB, 5648+ products, $38,765+ retail value, updated every day
  • Save 1,000s of dollars: I’ve bought every Resell product I could so you don’t have to
  • This is the easiest to download pack on the net, guaranteed
  • Make money without days of boring organization: products are categorized and tagged to make finding the right one fast and easy

I got into internet marketing about four years ago, and I love resale rights packages. I buy’em all! Since you can either resell or use many of the products like they’re your own, they’re great for making your own products, adding a slew of bonuses to anything you’re trying to sell, as opt-in list builders, selling to your list directly, or to promote and sell online yourself.

I ran into two big problems though: The way most membership sites and packages are set up, it takes forever to download, sort and organize dozens or hundreds of products individually. In my darker moments I’d swear their business model was to annoy me so much I’d keep all the files I paid for on their servers, locked into paying a recurring fee instead of keeping everything where I want it: on my computer. It’s easier to lose a URL than a directory on my hard drive. Second, I would often buy something then find it free as part of another package or site somewhere down the line, which was a waste of money. I hate wasting money!

But still, I loved them so much eventually I found myself with nothing more to buy… Everyone’s packages only had stuff that was already on my hard drive. Also, I figured I shot myself in the foot: No way do I have the time to make use of all this stuff!

This is where things get good for you. For a limited time, I’m going to be selling access to my entire store of master resell rights and private label rights material! But I can’t do this forever, or I’ll be increasing my competition too much.


What’s Included:
  • 3000+ Products with Master Resell Rights (that means you can sell them to others, and also sell the rights to sell them to others)

  • 1000+ Products with Private Label Rights (that means you can personalize the products however you like, put your name on them, or do pretty much whatever you like with them!)

  • 150,000+ Private Label Articles to use as content or as you see fit

  • 600+ ready-made Adsense Websites

  • 120+ Categories of products (including non internet marketing niches)

  • 800+ software products including lightning fast website builders, marketing tools for webmasters, copy and content writers and much more

  • 100+ complete businesses-in-a-box, ready to start making you money, including keyword pay per click campaigns, targeted articles, autoresponder series, viral reports to build a list and ebooks to sell

  • 1000+ products with giveaway rights that you can use to build your list 

  • 1,000+ private label graphics including video templates, professional headers, and web templates, templates for squeeze pages, ebook covers and more

  • 1000+ Niche ebooks

  • Extensive training in over 50 ways to make money on the internet

  • More than 50 products or 1 Gigabyte of the newest and best products every month!

  • Over 72 Gigabytes of MRR and PLR products added since launch!

If you’ve seen it advertised somewhere else
with Master Resale
or Private Label Rights, 
you will almost certainly find it in this collection.

And if by some chance I don’t have it, tell me and I’ll include it as an update. This huge collection represents thousands of dollars worth of time, effort, and of course, the massive amount I paid for the resell rights to these products in the first place! I’m not going to force a bunch of flashy ebook covers or 1000s of pages of product descriptions on you; you’ve seen all that before (but since seeing is believing, check out the blog, which has thousands of salesletters and ecovers).

These are not just the same tired old products you’ve seen a million times. There are gigabytes and gigabytes of brand-spanking new, high quality Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights videos, software, ebooks, audio courses, etc. in there, with either 50 new products or 1 Gigabyte of the newest products every month! If you want to know exactly what’s in the package check out the live stats page, where you can get a detailed overview of what's included, or you can test drive it risk free by checking out the blog or the FTP demo

Order Now!

Just think of what access to this collection will do for you:
  • Learn the secrets of making money online with $1000s of dollars of Internet Marketing products in topics like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and over 50 other subjects

  • Access and resell rights to every conceivable form of Internet Marketing software: automatic adsense site creators, ad generators, ad trackers, autoresponders, link cloakers, keyword research and spy tools, membership site scripts, turn key stores, etc.

  • Learn everything you need to know about exactly how to make money using this collection with 83+ products on Private Label and Resale Rights strategies!

  • Imagine having a product or set of Private Label articles for almost any niche you would want to target

  • Always have easy access to the products and bonuses you need to make a living online

  • Save money: with access to the best new products as updates, you’ll never have to buy another resale rights product! 3000+ Products added since launch!

  • Save days organizing and trying to find the right product to sell: products are completely sorted by subject and rights.

  • Daily updates mean you'll always have the latest and greatest Resell Rights Products to make your business flourish

  • Finally have all the tools you need to make internet based financial freedom a reality for you!

Order Now!

What can you do with this collection?
  • You can create your own product or opt-in list builder on just about any topic with 1000+ PLR products and 150,000+ PLR articles.

  • You can create thousands of websites to sell products directly (most individual products come with a sales letter and website)

  • You can slap a few related products together into a brand new package to market

  • You can use the PLR items, software and web graphics as the basis for thousands of adsense sites, or upload one of hundreds of ready made sites.

  • You can build custom squeeze and one time offer pages for your sites using the templates.

  • Add the products to your own membership site

  • Market the newest products on the web directly to your list, and do it every day if you want to!

  • Offer insane bonuses to your own products

  • Build a massive storefront and sell each product individually

  • Resell packages on Ebay

  • Anything you can think of that complies with product rights!

Real Value
  • An endless supply of tools to build your list, website, or business

  • Always having the right back end, one time offer, or niche product at hand

  • Always having the right bonuses to go with an offer

  • Never having to worry about organizing your products

  • Never having to worry about finding more products

  • Easy access to the latest resell rights products anytime you want them

  • Extensive training in over 50 ways to make money on the internet

  • No wasting your time downloading, organizing and finding the tools you need

What Are Folks Saying?

Unsolicited Testimonials:

Hello Dave,

I am truly beyond impressed with the quality and quantity of the content
in the "Ultimate Marketing Net Pack"  This package is awesome and
is by far the best investment I have ever purchased period! 

Talk about getting more than you bargain for...is quite an understatement
because your awesome "Ultimate Marketing Net Pack"  does more than
beat other resell packages out there to a Bloody Pulp,
it is absolutely no
comparison whatsoever. Not to mentioned the excellent support that you
have provided, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of your
guidance in helping me to get over the hurdles.

It is a pleasure doing business with you Dave, and I am sure we'll have
a long and profitable business relationship with many online successes
to brag about in the future. Thanks again this is truly the Ultimate Pack! 

Best regards, 

Chaney Alulis

Hi Dave,

     I have just finished downloading info from your 'MASSIVE' data base, THE ULTIMATE NET MARKETING PACK.  Not only was I greatly surprised by the amount of info, but the depth and breath of your collection of articles, reports, videos, and informational e-books. 

     As I was going over the various catagories, I was suitably impressed by fact that there were incredible amounts of MMR and PLR products, a fantastic return on the small investment I made, and continued updates as a member, sheesh, you are going way above and beyond.

    You have over supplied and outmatched any other collections that I have seen by light years... and your quick response to questions and support were fantastic, definitely way above what I have experienced in the past form other info sites.

     I look forward a long fruitful association, thanks for your incredible work.

Joe Salamido

Hi David,

I subscribed to your Ultimate Net Marketing about a week ago and downloaded the 18GB+ of info and programs.  In a word, WOW!!!!!!   It will take me weeks to go through all the great information....   

Thanks again for taking the money and time to put together the Ultimate Net Marketing Pack.


Hi Dave,

Let me tell you that I am very pleased with the quantity and quality of content you provide for the price.
As long as you keep this up I am your subscriber :-D.


Dave, I am currently locating funding to create a Church Of Dave in Ft. Worth, Texas, USA. You are that good. YOU HAVE IMPRESSED ME, something your competitors have not done. I don't know what to say. You are incredible! It is good to be able to clean your sandals. Thank You!

Gene Cox

Downloading Has Never Been Easier

You’re probably wondering how downloads will be handled.  141+ gigs is a lot of stuff, isn’t it?  One of my biggest gripes about membership sites and most other resell rights packages is that they take a year of clicking just to get the files that you paid for.  They just make it too hard to find what you want and get it to where you have control over it: your hard drive.  To solve this problem, the files from this package are transferred securely via FTP (but don't worry, there's also a very convenient, highly searchable blog you can use too).

If you’re not familiar with FTP, then fear not, it’s faster and easier than using a website, and you have complete control over what you want to download and when.  As soon as you join, I’ll email you access codes for the blog and a free FTP program with your personal account already set up, so you can just unzip the program and get downloading immediately! If you're curious as to how this works, check out the FTP demo

This will be one of the easiest downloads you've purchased!  The files are hosted on a blasing fast server, so you shouldn't have any trouble downloading as fast as your machine can handle.  Just set it up to download before you sleep, and the whole pack will come to your machine automatically, even though it'll take more than one night!

Didn't Think I'd Let You Go Without a Bonus, Did You?
If you’re not already convinced that this is the best money making package you’ve seen in a long time, I’ve got something that will put it over the top for you. A gal named Liz Tomey, one of the bigger names in internet marketing, put together an entire training course using audio, video, ebooks, handouts, checklists –the whole nine yards– to show you step by step exactly what to do to make money from Resell Rights products. Liz is someone who makes thousands of dollars a month using some of the same Resell Rights products in my package. The course sells all day long for $197, but you’ll get it with Master Resell Rights as part of The Ultimate Net Marketing Package for FREE. (See my point about always having the right bonus for whatever product you’re offering?)
Ok, I’m Impressed.  How much?

I see individual products in this package for sale all the time for $7-$197, and that’s what I paid for many of them myself! Rather than making a couple of impulse $37 ebook purchases a month, isn’t it a better idea to buy access to 1000s of the newest and best online products you can actually use? 

Most of you reading this already know how much these products are worth, to you and to your business. Not just their cash value, but also the convenience and the money saved. Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you the retail value of the package:

Product Overviews Selling at: Value:
3,000+ MRR videos, audios, and ebooks $2,500 $14,000
1000+ PLR videos, audios, and ebooks $1,500 $10,000
150,000+ PLR Articles $140 $2,500
600+ Adsense Websites with MRR or PLR $1,500 $4,500
800+ Software Products with MRR or PLR $2,000 $6,000
200+ Graphics Products with MRR or PLR $600 $2,000
Daily updates of the newest products $1000+ a month Limitless
Totals $9,225 $39,000

If you doubt those figures, I again encourage you to check out the FTP demo.  If anything, I've been conservative!  

Now don’t panic. I’m a wholesaler, I’m not going to charge you full price. I want you to make money too, and you can’t do that if I make you pay out the nose! A fair wholesale price for access to this package (without updates) would be $997, but I realize charging that much will keep a lot of people who want to succeed online from doing so. I don’t want money to be the issue for anyone who dreams of making a living online. That’s not in line with the “every person has a chance” ideal of the internet. So I’m going to bite my lip and practically give away these products for $197 $47!  You get the whole 141+ Gigs of high quality resell rights material!  Then it's only $97 $47 a month to keep the pack fresh with high quality updates. That’s as little as $0.03 $0.01 a product (this price is only good as long as you're on this page!) Download as much as you like every month! However, this deal is so good I’ve got to limit the offer to 100 8 more people before I do something drastic! That's no joke; once 9 more people hit the order button I'll change this offer, so click now!  

Order Now!

Risk Free Guarantee

License restrictions prohibit me from giving away access to most of these products, but I’ll let you download as much as you like and still get your money back within 90 days if you don’t like what you see, no questions asked. Kick the tires, make sure it’s everything I say it is. If you think there’s a better collection of Resell Rights products anywhere on the net, I’ll gladly return your money. 

Order Access and Updates $197 $47


PS If you’re tired of membership sites that make you want to hire someone just to find and download the files you want or don’t have time to organize a comprehensive collection of products to resell or use as bonuses, list builders, or product seeds, don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business!

PPS If this isn’t the best and easiest to use collection of Resell Rights products you’ve ever seen, I’ll give you your money back! Always have an endless supply of tools to build your website or niche product, and the right products to go with any back end, one time offer or bonus! Never worry about organizing your products or finding the right one again, and give yourself all the tools and training you need to succeed online!