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*IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT* I created this product revealing all my eBay secrets (80 videos & software) last August 2007. I had OVER 1500 desperate people waiting to buy. But due to certain software issues (which you can find out about in this video below) I delayed the release of this product completely. The bottom line is, the software application that was included as part of this package (which took me thousands and 12 months+ to develop for commercial release) was disapproved by eBay for commercial sale to my buyers because it was just TOO revealing and violated their policies.

Feeling disheartened after all that hard work and time (12 months of my time and money dammit!), I GAVE UP and locked these videos away on my hard drive forever, vowing never to release them, swallow the pain and just move on. You see, this eBay product was the first ever product I created and only 3 or 4 people ever did get to witness the masterpiece that was created. Even to this day I STILL get people asking me CONSTANTLY about these eBay videos that I was glorifying last year as the best comprehensive 'make money on eBay' system.

13 months on now... I have matured and learnt a lot about Internet Marketing. Providing VALUE to people is how you become successful. I realised that the least I can do to help aspiring eBayers, was help educate them and give them my videos since they contained a VAST amount of knowledge. I wasn't going to gain anything by sulking, nor was I doing anyone any favours by keeping all this knowledge to myself.

> Since I created the course, eBay has changed quite a few of their policies so certain content videos inside the members area may not reflect these changes (such as the feedback and digital policy - although new 2008 videos will be available if you join my underground club).

But yeah, the overall marketing plan still holds EXTREME value (even though the course was produced last year) and the information you can still gain from this product far exceeds many changes. This course contains most of the pieces of the puzzle that you need to succeed on eBay.


> Watch the video above and I'll take you through what happened. Also note, that even though the sales page below mentions and includes references (and screenshots) to the software, you will NOT be receiving the software as it is NOT available anymore. References are there to give you an idea to the strategy behind this system. **HOWEVER**, I have created a brand new 2008 video showing you HOW you can do what the software did but MANUALLY, using a free ONLINE tool - and it's in the members area for you right now to watch.

Now continue to read the sales letter, and thanks for your understanding...



   Do You Want To Become Rich Online Fast? Forget about Adsense, Adwords, PPC, Clickbank, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Blogging, RSS, Article Writing and all the other long winded, money draining schemes out there...make money QUICKLY, the SMART and EASY way..

DISCOVER How a Punk Ex McDonald's™ Employee Went From
Earning $800 Per Month Flipping Greasy Burgers To Making Over
$10,000 on e
Bay PER Month, By Literally SPYING On eBay Power
Sellers and Stealing Duplicating Their Success For MYSELF.

..and Now For The First Time, I'm Going To Be Revealing All My Controversial Money Making Secrets To a LIMITED Few.. So That
YOU Can Do The Exact Same Thing I Do.. and Stink Of Money......

.. Site Advisory: This Site May NOT Be For You. I Cannot Promise
That I Will Accept You and Expose You To My Secrets. Sign Up Now.

- Adeel Chowdhry
Undercover eBay Spy

Undercover Agent

These Are My Own Personal Strategies I Have Used
To Make Over
$248,350.00 Profit In 2.5 Years.

What You Are About Learn Has NEVER Been Revealed
Before By Me Until Now. You WILL Destroy Everyone.


"if I were Adeel I know I'd charge 5 times the price..."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

Wow Adeel - I have to say you have done a STUNNING job, the sheer number of video's you have here blown me away - and as for the "gold" contained in them, all I can say is I had better watch my back on eBay now!

A MUST for any aspiring eBay marketer - get in NOW as if I were Adeel I know I'd charge 5 times the price...

- Ray Johnson



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* Remember, the software is not available...(alternative method revealed) but the 80 videos are included!!



My Spy Stats

My Name: Adeel Chowdhry
Marital Status:
Country Of Residence:
London, UK
High School, College, University (dropout)
McDonald's, Filing Clerk, Data Entry Clerk, Full Time eBay Spy and Internet


Introducing The 'iSpy Auction Riches' Multimedia Course. The Step-By-Step Video iSpy Training Program That ANYONE Can Use to Covertly EXPLODE Their Earnings On eBay With ZERO Previous Experience!"

What your about to learn will *FINALLY* give you what you need to succeed online...

iSpy Auction Riches - 2007
RRP $844 - Multimedia Course & Software

Every one of my job-ending benefits exposed:

• Learn the True Insider Methods to eBay; the ones used by spies like me... the ones no-one has ever revealed... until now.

• Quit your day job - with pocket money.

• The only eBay guide that tells it like it is.

• Hours of live videos, all covering my back-door sneaky tricks.

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...

Order Right Now


"A Complete Education In The Art Of All
Things eBay and Internet Marketing"

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

A complete education in the art of
all things eBay & internet marketing"



It was an absolute privilege to view your members area.

It sounds like a cliché and is extremely over-used in this day and age, but I was really blown-away by the content in the training videos.

Not only do you provide over 80 VIDEOS ! - totalling GOD knows how many hours, but you explain everything in an easy to follow and understanding manner.

Let's take a look at all the bases and see what you cover in these vids.....

> Making Money Selling eBooks
> Setup - ebay, mydd, aweber setup etc
> Resell Rights
> Increasing Value
> Outsourcing
> Niche Product Research
> Public Domain Riches
> Automating The Whole System
> Back-End Profits
> Adsense
> Branding
>  REMOVED FROM TESTIMONIAL  <-- My fave vid !
> Affiliate Marketing
> Viral Marketing
> Buying Leads
> Software
> Private Label Rights
> Profits With Physical Products
> Real Wholesalers
> Where To Get Cheap Products From
> Increasing The Perceived Value
> Complimenting The Purchase
> Direct Marketing
> Delivery Methods

....... seriously, that's not even half of what you cover.

Not forgetting the 23 - yes twenty-three - case-study videos you have shown us, so we can see not only what to do but HOW to do it !

It is simply genius and one that I will definitely be using time and time again.

Many Thanks Adeel, this sure is an amazing product.


- Brian Collins



Today's Date:
Location: Confidential

   Before I begin I am going to tell you that I am not here to lie to anybody.

   There is a lot of stuff to read on this page and it is in *your* interest that you read everything.

   Do not get distracted by the fancy videos or graphics on my site but *understand* the message and what I can do for you.

   Most gurus pay copywriters thousands to create hypnotic sales pages so that they can sucker you in with fancy psychological trigger words that make you reach into your pockets and hand them your credit cards in return for rehashed information products.

   I have written *every* single word on this page by myself. I am not a copywriter but an average guy who failed at many things in life but turned it all around a few years ago to become really successful online. I have been making money under the radar for ages but now it's time to announce myself to the world.

   If you are looking for a 301 page, 24 DVD set guide (that comes in a massive box) that will teach you how to become rich overnight you are on the wrong page. There are plenty of high priced, fluff filled junk info-products on Google for you to go waste your money on.


The Technique Is To Do The Minimum
Amount For MAXIMUM Effect


   I pretty much hate hard work.

   I am sure you do too so I am going to teach you how to make more money than you could ever make in a job - *fast*, by being *smart*, without the hype and crap most gurus ramble on about leaving you in 99% of cases non the wiser and still poor.

   Why am I revealing my secrets and software?

   -> I get asked this a lot. It's quite simple so listen up.

   -> To prove that I know what I am talking about and get my name out.

   -> To prove that it is *easy* to make a full time living online (by being smart).

   -> To help *you* make *tons* of money. We all deserve a comfortable life.

   -> To wash the floor with the gurus who sell you crappy *regurgitated* eBay information over and over again. They tell you girly things like "use a nice picture in your auctions", or "make sure you have a good eBay title". We all know this. I am going to give you the hardcore *REAL* eBay secrets. I am talking about the real hot, never before disclosed techniques.

   -> These are just so *unbelievable* that you will go weak at the knees learning them.

   -> I have done some pretty bad things in my life. You know, I constantly see the *real* experts 'giving back' to the community again and again, and what happens, is that they become even more blessed. I feel that if I also 'give back' to the community it would be a way for me to repent for my sins by doing this act of good.

   -> Lastly, every single thing I have said is true. Words spread fast over the internet. If I am lying everyone will know and my internet career will be short lived. I am here to stay. That means giving you the *very* best.

   Let's get down to it.

   My story starts back in late 2002. That is when I opened my first eBay account. I didn't know it then but that day was the beginning of my online search for wealth. I used my eBay account to buy a few things I found on the eBay site whilst browsing.

   Most sellers start off as buyers. So anyway I tried my hand at selling soon after and still remember my first sale and the trip to the postal office. I sold a cd-r with a few files on it. The buyer was happy and left positive feedback the next day. I was on a massive high, after that. I couldn't believe how easy making that $15 was!

   I was making good sales for around three weeks and then the unthinkable happened.

   Competition arrived and my sales started to go down. I tried listing my information cd in different ways, using bold, home page featured, and still, sales were going down and eventually stopped..

   Distraught and disheartened, I picked myself up and started to look for wholesale sources so that I could find high priced branded goods like Sony, Nike, Samsung at wholesale prices to sell on eBay and become rich.

   That didn't happen.

   I'm sure you have also looked around for cheap wholesale sources, bought those $2 wholesale supplier source eBooks on eBay and failed.

   Fast forward a few years and I started to get into the internet marketing arena.

   I tried to master Google Adwords and ClickBank. I bought all the Adwords videos, courses, affiliate marketing packages, guides, and everything else under the sun telling me how to make money using these methods.

   I was excited. I was pumped up and ready to start. I thought I would become the next super affiliate. I was certain this was going to make me rich.

   It just sounded *too* easy.

   Look what happened:

   Adwords spend; £3,572.87 ($6788.45 converted to dollars)


   Commission Made on Clickbank; $3150.55

   Clickbank Commissions - Advertising Costs = Profit

   $3150.55 - $6788.45 = -$3637.90

   I was $3637.90 in LOSS! Being a student and $3637.90 in debt is not good.

   Fast forward another year and I was still jumping around from program to program trying different schemes out.

   The buzz then was Google Adsense so I jumped onboard bought all the how to videos, course, and eBooks.

   I was excited, and ready to start. I spent some time creating a few websites, put Google Adsense ads on them and uploaded them to the web. I was very certain this time that this Adsense thing was going to make me rich. All I needed to do was get a few clicks and I would be making $20,000 per month like the gurus.

   Again, it sounded too easy.

   Here are one years earnings:


   I made $123.40 in one year. That's about $10 a month. It was pathetic.

   Fast forward again and *hundreds* of get rich quick eBooks later this is what my pc looked like..

   I had spent thousands and thousands on these products that promised me unlimited wealth.

   I tried it all.

   I was frustrated, desperate, and right back where I was a few years ago.

   I was back on eBay selling eBooks, downloadable items, information CD's and stuff like that. I was making a few hundred dollars every month. It wasn't going to set me free but it was better than nothing. Most of it went in fees anyway.

   Things were about to change.

   Reading all the how to get rich crap over the last 4 years must have done some good because I realised that If I wanted to be successful, I just had to copy somebody that was successful.
   Even a fish could have figured it out faster than me.

   I needed to figure out who was making money, and what they were selling. I went underground and became a spy.

   I started to spy on eBook sellers to see what they sold, how many they sold, what their best products were so that I could steal their success and products right from under their nose.

   Moving things forward I created the iSpy Auction Riches system + software. I have never told anybody about what I have been doing.

   I created it originally for my own personal use.

   I have been secretly using the software and my techniques to create a *MASSIVE* amount of wealth by spying on eBay sellers.

   Heck, I was always good at cheating in school ;-)

   Imagine if you knew *WHO* was making thousands of dollars, and you knew *WHAT* they were selling. Don't you think you could take and duplicate those products for yourself?

   What would you think would happen to your bank account?

   Your bank balance would explode like mine did.

   Here are some earnings over the last one and a half years for only a *few* of my eBay, Paypal accounts:


My eBay Account #1
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online eBay accounts)

$786.71 in 24 Hours!

   I generated $786.71 with only *ONE* very profitable product that I found with my iSpy system. I set this 'part time' product up on this account just to show what is possible.

No eBay Seller Is Safe.. Not Even Me

   I do not reveal all my eBay accounts - you will realise why within the course. I wouldn't want you stealing all my profitable products now would I.. You too will learn not to disclose your profitable ID's and how much you really make to others.

   After all, it is just *too* easy to steal any eBay sellers profitable products when you know my system.

My eBay Account #2
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online eBay accounts)

$31,091.70 in 30 Days!

   I generated $31,091.70 with only *FIVE* profitable product that I found with my system.


My eBay Account #3
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online eBay accounts)

$17,229.88 in 30 Days!

   I generated $17,229.88 with a handful of profitable product that I 'stole' from an eBay seller and became a PowerSeller.

   I feel sorry for that guy...NOT!


My eBay Account #4
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online eBay accounts)

$2,413.95 in 30 Days From Another Account!


My eBay Account #5
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online eBay accounts)

$837.52 in 30 Days From ONE Short eBook!


My Clickbank Account #1
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online Clickbank accounts)

$844.98 In Commissions Made
Through The eBook Above!

   That one eBook above made me an *extra* $844.98 in commissions from back end sales using one of my *powerful* techniques - revealed in the course.


My Paypal Account #1
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online financial accounts)

£6,289.26 ($12,552.12) In Sales
From *One* Paypal Account!

This account averages $400 per day.

Click On The Play Button


…It's Time To Turn The Industry On It's Head And Cause Chaos.
While Everyone Is Teaching You To Rehashed Methods, I'm Bringing
You New, Fresh Material That Any One Can Use To Make Big Money...

   The journey you are about to take will change the way you think, market and set your pulse racing like never before.. Introducing the iSpy Auction Riches Multimedia System...


Now Including OVER *80* Step By Step Videos!
I'm Talking About HOURS Of Material Here.

 Underground Techniques, Strategies, Secrets, Beginner Basics, & Even Blackhat Profits (Stay
Away From This One). It's All There.


   The complete kit for eBay domination 2007.


Actually See *What* People Are Paying For and *Who* They Are Paying - So That You Can Duplicate *Exactly* What They Are Doing and Cash In Yourself!

Suitable for Windows 98 and above
iSpy Auction Riches Software - 2007 Not Available Anymore. RRP $397

The Ultimate Edge In Making Insane Profits On eBay:

• Find the super profitable products to sell.

• Exposes how much any eBay seller has made over the last 30 days.

• Reveals their *best* selling items.

• Steal and duplicate their most profitable products for yourself. The ultimate shortcut to riches.

• Find profitable eBooks, digital products and physical goods.

• Analyze a market before entering by watching how well another seller is doing with the product you want to bring in yourself.

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...

2008 note- I will show you how to get the same results by using free online tools!


These top secret pictures of the software have
NEVER been released before...

   No more selling duds. No more time stocking items that are not in demand. No more listing eBooks that don't sell. No more wasting fees on products that don't achieve the figures you want...

   No MORE!

   I am going to train you to be the ultimate spy.

   What better way is there to make money than by simply forcing eBay sellers (including Power Sellers) to reveal to *you* all their secrets. The software system will expose what their hottest, most profitable products are - so that you can simply sell it yourself. This is where I cackle and laugh uncontrollably because it's just so easy.

   The best part is, they will not even know that they have been spied on and exposed!

   Another thing.

   I only sell products that bring in *BIG* profits.

   I am not concerned about gross sales but actual profit. At the end of the day, it is the profit you walk away with that matters.

Question: Will this software system help me if I sell physical products?

Answer: Yes. The software system will help you find profitable eBooks, physical goods, and anything else you want.

   The software system will show you how to find out how much money a seller has made in the last X days and by that you'll be able to analyze which of their products are in demand, i.e. HOT and PROFITABLE!.


eBay Powerseller John is selling eBook 1, eBook 2, eBook 3, eBook 4, and eBook 5.

The will then spy on John to discover his statistics...
eBook 1 ------------------->

 ---------------------> 3 Sold
eBook 2 ------------------->  -------------------> 83 Sold
eBook 3 ------------------->  -------------------> 17 Sold
eBook 4 ------------------->  -------------------> 59 Sold
eBook 5 ------------------->  ---------------------> 1 Sold

   By analyzing his stats you can see that his 'eBook 2' and 'eBook 4' are *really* hot and people are going crazy purchasing them.

You would then duplicate the success and tap into the sales by either:

-> Purchasing the hot eBook to resell outright (if it came with resell rights).
-> Find a similar eBook or get one created (I will be showing you how).

   I will show you how to do everything in depth, from beginner to pro. I don't care if you have been on eBay for 5 years - I guarantee you do not know everything and are missing out on some serious cash generating techniques and strategies.

   *Remember* - The system will show you how to reveal the quantities for any kind of products sold, physical and digital.


Are People *Really* Making Money On eBay?

These 'Average' eBay Sellers Combined
Have Generated $116,823.65 In Gross
Sales - All Within 30 Days.

   You want to know what the real killer is?..

   You can go and 'steal' all of the products these eBayers are selling and sell them yourself.

   It does not matter if they are selling eBooks or physical products. In fact, I will also reveal where I get all my physical stock from too, at disgustingly *LOW* wholesale prices!!

   You'll be able to scour categories like these for tons of wholesale products;

   Agriculture, Apparel & Fashion, Automobile, Business Services, Chemicals, Computer Hardware & Software, Construction Real Estate, Electrical Equipment, Supplies, Electronic Components & Supplies, Energy, Environment, Excess Inventory, Food & Beverage, Furniture & Furnishings, Gifts & Crafts, Health & Beauty, Home Appliances, Home Supplies, Industrial Supplies, Lights & Lighting, Luggage , Bags & Cases, Minerals , Metals & Materials, Office Supplies, Packaging & Paper, Printing & Publishing, Security & Protection, Sports & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Textiles & Leather, Products, Timepieces, Jewellery & Eyewear, Toys, Transportation and More!

   I will show you how to do everything, *step by step*.


Proof Case Study 1 Video
Resale Rights Jedi Master

Would you believe it if I told you this seller has only been a
member for 9 months and is already making more than his
day job - all by selling eBooks that he didn't even create!

$2,914.47 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 2 Video
Selling His Own $9.99 eBook

There is more power and success in creating your own eBooks!

$2,585.60 in 30 Days From *ONE* eBook!


Proof Case Study 3 Video
Tapping Into Profitable Niche$

Stop selling crappy 'internet marketing' eBooks that every Tom,
Dick and Aunty are selling on eBay. Find a niche that has a
demand and feed it. Something sure smells a bit 'fishy'.

$991.78 in 30 Days From *ONE* eBook!


Proof Case Study 4 Video
Become A Leech and
Suck Your Competition Dry

This woman sells ____ ____ instructions.

$1,278.19 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 5 Video
How I Generated $3,271.68 In 14
Days With Only 1 Digital Product

I found someone who generated over $8k selling this product. What do you think I did? Yep, I started selling it too. The crazy thing was - it came with resale rights! Talk about handing someone money on a plate!

$3,271.68 in 14 Days From *ONE* Item!


Proof Case Study 6 Video
Look At How Much This Newbie Is
Making With A Crappy Advert..

I also suggest you sell stuff like this just to earn 'fee' money.

$691.88 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 7 Video
P____ D____ Heaven Baby!
Create Your ___ L____ Of Products

Niche domination or what. This guy is the daddy. Unlimited
products for you to take and stick your name on. Exploit it.

$803.14 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 9 Video
Can You Really Sell High Priced eBooks?

Would you believe me if I told you people are paying $115
and $400 for an information product from this seller?

Do you want to know what it is? Come in, find out, and
cash in on this *highly* profitable market right now.

P.S. I will also reveal the secret to you on how to get a
similar informational product created!

$3,969.05 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 10 Video
You'll Be Safe With This Seller Around

Perfect example of targeting a niche and taking it over.

$2,325.29 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 11 Video
No Copyright - Secretly Buy To Resell!

Making money just can not get any easier than stealing
somebody else's successful products. Especially when
they have no copyright!

$2,545.32 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 12 Video
Selling Freely Available _____a__?

Which idiot said you can't make money on eBay?

This is how you make money out of thin air.

I actually think I am giving away *TOO* much.

**$6,040.86** in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 13 Video
The Easiest Money You Will Ever Make In Your Life. Oh How I Love E_____ W____.

I swear by Almighty GOD that this is simply unbelievable. This seller's advert is composed of only 4 lines of text and sells
material that they are obtaining for virtually FREE.

Yes, you can TAKE their items right from under their nose
and generate those kind of numbers for yourself.

**$7,280.34** in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 14 Video
Make Money From Your Hobby/Skills

I will show you how smart people are making good money by teaching others their skills and/or hobbies. Even this granddad
makes good money and has a loyal customer following.

$250+ in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 15 Video
Physical Product Riches

I will reveal to you where this seller get their products from
at wholesale prices. I get my products from this source too.

This is just an average seller generating these
kind sales (probably from his/her bedroom).

It's easy once I show you how.

$39,202.24 in 30 Days!


Proof Case Study 16 Video
You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Again, I will reveal to you exactly where many of these eBay sellers get their products from. I will show you how to contact them,
get quotes, make sample orders and more.

It seems that everyone is making money on eBay but you.

You can *change* all that starting right now.

$38,544.95 in 30 Days!

+ Many More Videos

   Actually there are so many case studies that I am getting bored adding them all here. Just
know that normal people like you (should I say smarter people instead?) are making *very* good money on eBay.

   Don't you think you could at least cover what you make now in your day job by taking just a few successful products from just a few of these sellers? You sure as heck can.


Here Is A Sample Of The Other Secret
I Will Teach You..


Classified iSpy Video
Achieving Power Seller Status...FAST

I will show you how I achieved Power Seller status
within a few weeks.



Classified iSpy Video
The Leech Technique

Watch How The Big Players (Offline As Well As Online) Make
Money And Duplicate What They Do Within Your eBay Business


Classified iSpy Video
Adwords Leech Strategy

Watch how I *expand* my eBay business & make even more
money by leveraging the power of the mighty search engines.



Classified iSpy Video
The BUZZ Method

I have seen  two particular gurus who used this strategy to
generate over 500k within a few years. A *very* potent strategy.



Classified iSpy Video
My Secret Wholesale Sources Revealed

The worlds biggest base of suppliers.

I get all my physical stock from this place.

You can literally get
*ANYTHING* you want.


Classified iSpy Video
eBay Registration

Learn all the basics.

I will show you step by step how to set up your eBay account.



Classified iSpy Video
Paypal Registration

And More basics.

How to start accepting credit & debit cards payments.


Classified iSpy Video
Secret Capture Technique

This is what I have been doing that is different
from all the other eBay sellers out there.



Classified iSpy Video
PDF Layout Strategy

I have made so much money by applying the PDF Layout
Strategy to all my eBooks that I just cannot even give
you a hint as to what it covers.



Classified iSpy Video
Thank You Page Profits Sheet

The best way to squeeze even more money out of
each and every one of your buyers.



Classified iSpy Video
How I Create Thousands Of
Feedbacks On Autopilot

Learn my underground technique for creating thousands
of positive feedbacks all on autopilot.



Classified iSpy Video
Watch How I Get Negative
Feedbacks Removed..

Learn how to get negative feedbacks removed 90% of the time!


Classified iSpy Video
The Magic L_______ Circle
The REAL Secret Of Success

I beg you *NOT* to miss this video.

This powerful secret goes
*BEYOND* eBay.



Classified iSpy Video
The $800 eBook
Affiliate Power Model

I reveal how I made mega bucks with this eBook at the back end.
I am giving a
*limited number* of people PLR to this very eBook.



Classified iSpy Video
Affiliate Power Model

CLICK On The Play Button
Above For A Sneak Preview!



Classified iSpy Video
Widening The Stream

Discover how to make even more money from each customer by offering them an upsell. Perfect for the eBook seller to implement.


Classified iSpy Video
Public Domain Profits

Free eBooks and Movies for the taking. Unlimited Profits.


Classified iSpy Video
Get The Edge With Audio & Video

Stand out from the rest and *destroy* the competition.


Classified iSpy Video
Compliment Profits

What if I told you that it is possible to make money by...oh you wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway.


Many *Other* Videos Include...




And Many More..


Three Income Streams


   I make money on eBay via a number of ways, but through three specific systems.

   My classified diagram will explain *exactly* how I make money on eBay. You can then do *exactly* what I do to generate a full time income.


iSpy System ONE
RRP $149 - eBook Riches

• Find the super profitable eBooks to sell.
• Learn the underground techniques I use to squeeze out extra money out of each and every customer.
• Learn how to make money on the backend.
• Learn how to automate and set up your eBook/eBay business, including how to host and upload.
• Learn how to profit from public domain material.
• Discover the secret method I use to generate quality, targeted leads.
• Learn the secrets to building a *HUGE* email list.

• ...AND much, much more!

Click here to order

iSpy System TWO
RRP $149 - CD/DVD Riches

• How to make thousands selling CD/DVD's.

• How to source FREE public domain material to
sell on discs.

• How to source FREE software to sell.

• Up-selling strategies.

• Find out how to outsource product creation.

• How to create your own home made videos and sell them for massive profits.

• ...AND much, much more!

Become the ultimate eBay seller now

iSpy System THREE
RRP $149 - Physical Product Riches

• How to make thousands importing and selling physical items.

• How to spy on your competition to see what is hot and in demand BEFORE choosing what to sell.

• Where I get all of my physical stock from. REAL wholesale products ay VERY low prices.

• Hours of live videos, helping you make money selling real physical goods.

• ...AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first time... and possibly the last...

Action takers are successful. Order here.


My 'iSpy Auction Riches' eBook Blueprint is one of the
Most Profitable
eBay Marketing Manuals Ever Devised...

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   I'm sure you've purchased many other 'how to make money on eBay' type material before and noticed how similar they all were. In fact, they all taught the same old strategies, over and over. Not only that, but they were boring to read and unexciting.

   I have a unique style. Not only will you learn BRAND NEW methods but it will be delivered to you in my own unique, entertaining style.

   After all, you're going to be paying me good money for this course. I damn sure will deliver.

   I'll also cut through the crap and PROVE that..

You DON'T need to have tons of experience to get started in making money with the "iSpy Auction Riches" tactics.
You don't need to have your own email list. (A major part of my system focuses on how to build a HUGE subscriber and customer list for repeated backend sales.
You are not using an effective business model if you have already been selling on eBay or even if you are a Power Seller. I guarantee you are not using all these proven strategies in your business. You are leaving HUGE amount of money on the table.
You won't need any other expensive software to run your eBay business.
I try and go along the most affordable route.
You don't need a degree to be able to use the iSpy system. In fact, my aim was to make it very simple and dummy proof. There are no excuses.
You don't need a huge spending budget. I'll teach you how to start making money with very little money by starting off selling eBooks and then LEVERAGE your profits into other areas such as importing and selling physical items.
You don't need to be a pro or even very knowledgeable when it comes to importing physical products into your country.
You don't need to spend countless hours creating your own products. I'll teach you my personal "short cut" for getting in on the hot selling products even if you don't have any experience about that topic.


This is what you're going to get:

My highly secretive, never revealed before iSpy eBay software (worth $397). Total multimedia video course and software worth $844.

This system will show you how to bust any eBay seller and hand you their most profitable items on a plate. It doesn't matter what they sell, digital items or physical goods, this software system (using free online tools) will disclose all. Also find out how much they made within the last 30/60/90 days).

This is a completely untaught strategy for selling eBooks (digital good) and physical products on eBay. As I said, the best way to make money and become successful fast is to emulate those that are already making it. With my system you will be able to see which products are generating the cash and you can do the same. I will show you how, step by step. No one is teaching this stuff.

At least 80 Videos detailing and revealing all my strategies for making *six figures per year*. I am talking about teaching you my *three* income systems. It's more than just how to make money with eBooks but how to start a real, cash generating business.

Learn how to take the best products from all the top eBay sellers and become a Powerseller X 10. Powerseller Guru Status! *Devastatingly Invincible*.


Learn the fastest ways to create a quality product - similar to the profitable product that you will duplicate. I will show you how to get an eBook created without doing any work. Become an instant expert in any field and market.

Stop sweating to create your own product. It's 100% legal and free
when you see exactly how to find, re-package and sell public domain content as your own money making information product. Discover the fortune that lies hidden in the massive stockpile of public domain works -- Yours FREE for the taking without permission or paying a dime in fees.


$116,823.65 worth of case studies. See how these average nobodies generated combined sales of $116,823.65 in 30 days. Not for the weak. The best part is that you can go ahead and take their products from them! Would you like to make $116,823.65 in 30 days?

A close look at 19 successful eBay sellers making between $250 and $39,202.24 per month with their products.


See some of their Completed Listings. Spy on them with me as we see what they are successfully selling. This is where you will learn how to analyze their sales. You'll also learn where to get the same or very similar products.

Watch over my shoulder as I analyze each case study and reveal to you the techniques they are using to dominate their market. Many of these are eBay Power Sellers. Powerseller secrets revealed!

Look into the business of an eBay seller who made $7,280.34 by selling 'material' they put onto discs and sold with a crappy adverts composed of *four* lines of simple text. They don't even use a gallery picture! It's just insane.

You will learn to only sell those products in which there is very good profit potential. Sounds like common sense but you will not believe how many eBay sellers just list a product (e.g. eBook), just for the sake of having it in their inventory, *hoping* that one day they might make a sale. In the meantime they are prepared to pay real world money in eBay and Paypal fees.

Discover how eBay Power Sellers get the edge. And then, how to create auctions that are *superior* than theirs!

Discover how to squeeze out much more money out of each and every customer. Ask any guru and they will tell you the real money lies in the b___ __d.

You are going to get a breath of fresh air. If you are like me than you too have had enough of all the get rich products that promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Wake up and enter my reality.

Find out about the seller who earned a gross sales of $3,271.68 in 14 days. What was he selling and how he did it. Discover his eBay nickname, look at his completed listings - the works! Did I tell you that this was a digital download product - meaning nearly all of it was profit (minus fees)!

Fed up of those stupid wholesale lists on eBay? One of the case studies generated over $38,544.95 selling physical goods. I will expose the *exact same sources* they use. I will reveal to you the very same wholesale source I use to import all of my physical items. You can literally take over and be making that $35k instead of that seller in the case study.

Electronics, Clothing, Toys, Books, TV's, CD/DVD's, machinery, and pretty much anything else you want - I will show you how to get all of these things in one place. I'm talking about the worlds biggest base of suppliers. And no, there is no payment required to access the site. What on Earth are you waiting for?

Learn how to source products, communicate with suppliers, get quotes, order samples and more. The whole process broken down for you. I like to make things as simple as possible.

Revealed: Many eBay sellers making lots of money with resale rights eBooks. This means you can literally, purchase all of their stock, only to list it on your own account (in most cases with the same advert they are using) and take over. The easiest and fastest approach for cashing in on the billion dollar information market.

Learn how to automate your eBay business as much as possible. This means you get more time to relax and chill out instead of having to be at the computer 24/7. The successful spend time 'growing' their business, than actually 'running' it. There is a big difference. The whole point of making a very good income from the internet for many is so that they can enjoy life and spend more time with their loved ones. There's no point making thousands when you can't do those things. Life is about balance.

This is way different to all the other 'how to make money on eBay' products. My unique style combined with entertaining learning material will make you a pro in no time.

Become one of my subscribers and I will take care of you. I have been in your shoes and know what it takes to please a customer. Sure, I do make mistakes sometimes but I'm *REAL*. I'm not pretending to know it all either. The relationship has to work both ways and I really look forward to helping you in achieving the success you are looking for.


A Real Life Testimonial From
a UK Home Business Expert..

"This Is Something The Internet Marketing Niche
Has Been Looking For In a Long Time..."

** Unsolicited Testimonial **

"Litterally steal profits from other people
without them even knowing...incredible!"


(Click The Play Button)

- Simeon Tuitt
Uk Home Business Expert


(Comments from me - Simeon was one of the early beta testers of this software. Remember, you will not be getting the software now but learn a method of getting the same results using free online tools.)


Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is just so comprehensive. I'm talking about revealing my entire secrets and system. For this reason, I'm not offering any refund policy whatsoever. I only want serious people in. If you think this program is right for you, please join up. I have created many other product that are on the internet now (search on my name)  which are probably higher in quality than 80% of most other info-products out there...so I don't produce junk! Trust me, you will love this system...I put my reputation on it.


Crazy Priced Bonuses Here?


   No bonuses here!

   This course is valuable enough and I'm not going to just add some random bonuses to try and sucker you in...since I don't need to. The value inside the iSpy Auction Riches course will blow you away as it is!

   I'll see you inside...



Here Are a Few Of The HUNDREDS Of Comments
Left On My Blog By Those Who Are Begging To Pay
Me Now (Even Though I Haven't Launched Yet)!

Hey Adeel,

I’ve seen your videos and they look pretty impressive.

I just quit my job at McDonalds so I am in the need of some cash. I also have total trust in you because you seem like a good guy and I use to live in England too (Cambridge).

So keep up the good work, c’ya.

- Nelson Ellingham

Hi Adeel,

Having had a brief selling spurt on eBay and giving up some 8 months ago, I now feel in a position to start afresh.

Hopefully with your guidance and help I can increase sales and if I hit 10% of the targets you claim I will be a very happy chappy.

Keep up the good work.

Can’t wait for ‘a deal’ from Adeel!!!

- Dave W

I started something making like $700 a week but would love to see how you make your $12,000 a month.

I would love to pay you to find out your secret.

- Nemanja Petrovic

Hello Adeel,

I am fairly new to this whole process and I find your information very intriguing.

Having read much Guru-Hype in the last month, your information of your software has me interested.

- TJ

Hey Adeel,

Once I saw that vid you sent me about the $30 2gb ipods I set out to find the wholesaler, but couldn’t, i am itching to know, could you send me the address plz plz plz !!!!!

- Kieran

Well, Adeel..

I have been following this since a couple of weeks and it seems somewhat impressive, I decided finally to trust you and the hope being that you won’t by any means disappoint us..

Looking forward to seeing your course and video..and would be great learning from the best..

- Reduan

Hello Adeel!

I followed you from the warriors’ site, your own site, my email and now your blog!

An interesting journey. I haven’t much to say except I found your sales letter and your video quite refreshing. Yes, you do promise much in your sales copy, BUT you also furnish proof in your video (and I know that almost anything can be done with files and suchlike these days but I don’t see anyway to fake that!) so I’m going to choose to trust that you know what you’re talking about and can deliver on your no BS policy.

I’m fairly disillusioned with the IM marketing field myself, I have to say, and it’s possible that you may well be another in a long line of disappointments BUT I don’t think so. And my gut is all I have to go on right now.

I sincerely hope you keep your pecker up (don’t think I need to wish you luck with that - you seem like a man who’s pretty damn sure of himself) and concentrate on delivering the best product you can - regardless of how long it takes!

Best wishes
- Dee


I found your website through YouTube and I find.. you are also facing what I used to faced before and I am very pleased with the way you created your sales copy.. =)

I love what you are using and I know EBay is really powerful.. and would like to seek your help on it.. can you please email me details when your course is out. I would be interested =)

- Alvin


Hey Adeel,

How the heck are ya?

I am acquainted with you from the warrior forum. Which is where I found your site and this blog.

I’m looking forward to your launch.

I’ll be there to buy right at launch time.

I wouldn’t mind being able to promote this.

Warmest Regards

- Sandy Hall

I have to say that you seem to be a real expert on this area and i’m happy that you will be sharing your knowledge with us.

- Moises

I think it is great what you are doing!

There is SO much money out there and plenty to go around! I too am an eBay seller but I think everyone should have a chance at selling and making profits online!

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the final product! Thanks for your bravery of doing this.

- Denise


I’m interested in your system, but I can’t find anywhere to buy it.

What’s the scoop?

- Chris


Thank you for your great help.

Anyone can make money, but they have to put their brain on it like Adeel did.

- Gevorg

I am actually pretty interested in this whole thing.

I’ve never thought of actually seeing what people were selling on eBay and for how much?

Actually at times I always wished there was a spot somewhere on EBAY that would show you the top selling items of the day/week etc etc but with this program it sounds like that will now be possible.

Very interested to try it.

- Kyle


Observations of online business and those who hawk there products/service/expertise.

Seems to me (no expert by any means) most of what is offered are just “picks & shovels” (i.e. gold rush lingo) to mine for the gold (perfect business in a turnkey way that provides value to everyone's needs). Plenty of hard rock to dig thru with very little gold (useful value). Oh, the picks & shovels (i.e. tools) are 1st class - best ever made but, where to dig, how deep, how long will it take?

Along comes Adeel using 21st century technology (Your software/system/information) which peers thru the rock and locks onto the veins of gold (X marks the spot). Shows how to get the rights to the land, harvest & sell at market values (exponential marked-up profits) Gold is reconditioned for use in jewellery, transportation, communication etc. to enrich consumers lives and thus, demand is high. Money circulates, economy strengthens - Win x Win for all parties.

Adeel’s technology (as presented) provides efficiency for consumers and saves valuable time & energy for the brokers not having to eat so much dust. Lord knows I’ve eaten more than my allotment.

Look forward to the “New Technology” release. Keep me on top your list.

- Mike

Hello Adeel,

For 30 years I have been married to a perfectionist, so I have learnt
extreme patience.

Considering I need everything done yesterday and we have survived each other for so long.

My survival blueprint is to set a target, multiply it by 3, allow a further 2 to be sure and generally we get there.

I call it the Indian formula.

That said I need your “Stuff “yesterday.

- Chris

There Are TONS More Comments Like That From People Just Like You Getting Ready To Take Advantage Of My Secret Strategies. Do You Want In?



   All you need to do to order (if you qualify) is click the order button near the bottom of this page to be taken to the secure order form.

   On a last note, I cannot accept everybody onto this course. I do NOT want to over saturate the marketing with my system.

   You know what else? The fact is, not everybody will act upon the strategies that I share. Most will end up not putting these secrets into use and it will not be fair to those who *are* willing to take action because they *really* want to improve their financial situation.

   In order to purchase this course you must meet my strict criteria.

   To be eligible and qualify, you must be able to say "YES" to the following:

1 - I will learn and put into practice all the powerful strategies and techniques that you are revealed to you within the course.
2 - I will not just watch the videos, put this product on the 'virtual shelf' and then go off looking for the next money making system.
2 - I understand that money does not fall from the sky and making it does require a level of effort and dedication.
3 - I will not reveal the secrets within the course or the software to anybody else.
4 - I will use the system fully to start earning huge amounts of money because me and my family deserve a better life and I will quit the job I hate with a passion.
5 - I have read all of the above.

   IF you have successfully answered "YES" to all of the above, please continue..


iSpy Auction Riches "PRIORITY " Order Form

Click On The Play Button
* Software not available anymore as previously indicated - alternative method
will be taught for obtaining the same results the software produced.

YES ADEEL! I Want Access To The iSpy Software System AND To OVER 80 Step By Step eBay Tactical Training Videos (Worth $844) IMMEDIATELY For a NEVER AGAIN To Be Repeated LOW price Of
Just $197 $

PLEASE Give Me Instant Download Access To:

Your Secret iSpy Auction Riches Software manual method!
Your Unique, Step By Step 80 Video Multimedia Course!


Adeel, I am ready to learn and get my sweaty hands on your 'tried and tested' secrets of making money with eBay using your step by step video course and the simple, yet powerful, iSpy Auction Riches system.

  • I understand that I will gain immediate access to the videos and system in a secure private members area.

  • I understand that you will show me how to dominate eBay and
    become the ultimate Power Seller.

  • I understand you will hold nothing back and show me the exact same tactics you have used to generate over $248,350.00 in 2.5 years.

  • I understand you created this course late 2007 and some of the eBay policies have changed but I still know that the overall knowledge contained in this product is still highly valuable and will still benefit me greatly.

  • I understand that money will not simply come flooding in with a push
    of a 'magic' button. I know that it will take some work on my part and I am ready to put in the effort. I'm no fool!

  • Finally I understand this course may be taken off the market at anytime and need to place my order now to gain immediate access.


iSpy Pricing Structure

Current Course Price

First 500 orders



TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER: I reserve the right to stop taking new members to this site at anytime. Due to the fact that the information and system disclosed in my members area is so valuable, this offer will not be available forever. I also need to limit the number of students that I will be able to personally consult. Don't be disappointed if you come back tomorrow and the site is unable to accept new members - I strongly urge you to join right now to secure your copy of the software and video course. I reserve the right to take down or put the site back up at any time I wish.



   Wishing you the very best of success!


- Adeel Chowdhry
Undercover eBay Spy
Undercover Agent


   PS: Have you ever had one of those moments where you look back into your past and wish you could go back and wish you had done something differently, or made a different choice? Well, this is going to be one of those moments. What is even worse..is letting this pass you by not even realizing how positively your life can change. Don't let it come to that "If only I...".

   PPS: There is no risk to you at all. I have created many high quality products that are circulating the internet right this very moment. My reputation stand before you to give you assurance that you will really get something out of this investment!

   PPPS: Invest in your eBay education today. Something as unique as this dominating eBay multimedia course doesn't come everyday. Have a look on eBay and see if anything comes close.

   PPPPS: What are you still doing down here? Get yourself up and make the Order right here. After 500 sales that's it. I'm taking this site down. Do you think that's just a marketing tactic and you've seen it all before? Ok. Let's play chicken. Don't buy and wait a little longer. Don't think I'll sell you a copy on the sly once I've taken the site down. Change your life right now, order here



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